Are you a devoted gardener, too?

I’ve been serious about taking care of my garden soil ever since I realized that soil is the foundation of every great garden. That realization crystallized even further when I started my soil-focused gardening tweetchat, #groundchat, in 2012.

While getting my earned my Bachelor’s & Master’s in Horticulture at University of Guelph, I started to give gardening seminars, workshops and courses. I have continued to upgrade my knowledge and skills, like getting a certificate in residential garden design and obtaining a Master Gardeners’ certificate. And I have backed up my teaching with hands-on experience by working in garden centres, landscape and design companies as well as running my own garden maintenance company.

I believe that every gardener can learn how to build soil health and create healthy vibrant gardens.

Want to become the best gardener you can become? Follow me on Twitter (@CristinaGardens) and join me on Twitter every Wednesday evening (8 pm ET) to chat about soil-centric gardening topics on #groundchat.

You can also sign up for my soil courses. Join me in the grand adventure in learning how to build a better garden through healthy soil.

To soil-ful gardening! I look forward to getting to know you and your garden soil,


Popular Courses


TTGG brochure 2015
2015 “Through The Garden Gate” garden tour in Toronto
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Toronto, Ontario

This year’s TBG’s Through the Garden Gate garden tour takes us through the upscale neighbourhood of Lawrence Park. It’s a must-see garden tour as...

Summer School 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
NewYork, USA

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Kirk McKay

Management Consultant
"Just a fountain of knowledge! I highly recommend taking any of Cristina's courses.  She has a deep scientific background in horticulture and soil science backed up by years of experience working in the field.  Her recommendations are time-tested and reliable.  Cristina is extremely personable and able to translate technical topics into terms a layman can understand. Enjoy your course!"