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Getting children outdoors gardening is a difficult task in today’s world of video games and electronic entertainment. There’re ways to inspire kids to go outdoors. Make it fun! From enjoying the outdoors, it’s a small step to encourage children to garden.


Last week’s #groundchat was all about growing gardeners with guest host, Steven Biggs, co-author of Grow Gardeners. Kid-Tested Gardening with Children: A 4 Step Approach. Most of the top 10 tweets were tips for parents.

Gardening with kids

Tweet 1

Sarah at #StarkBros ‏‪@StarkBrosCares May 29 
I recently read about kids in a community garden naming their plants and talking to their plants when they’d visit. Engaging! ‪#groundchat
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Jeavonna ‏‪@jchapstk May 29 
Sign making, mulching, fences, etc. All non-gardening gardening chores for the kid that flat out refuses to garden. ‪#groundchat

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Tweet 3

Steven Biggs ‏‪@NoGuffSteve May 29 
For smaller children, try plants that are appealing to touch. e.g. a fuzzy leaf. ‪#groundchat
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Tweet 4

Sarah at #StarkBros ‏‪@StarkBrosCares May 29 
Harvesting is a good way to get kids inspired to garden. If they grow in your zone, strawberries are easy and rewarding ‪#groundchat
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Tweet 5

Cristina da Silva ‏‪@CristinaGardens May 29 Brampton, Ontario

The GIVEAWAY? ‪@NoGuffSteve book “Grow Gardeners. Kid-tested Gardening with Children” ‪ … ‪#groundchat
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Tweet 6

Modern Mia Gardening ‏‪@modernmiagarden May 29‪@NoGuffSteve‪ A4: Sunflowers! The Wonder Kids love watching them get tall and watching the bees devour the pollen. #groundchat 
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Tweet 7

Steven Biggs ‏‪@NoGuffSteve May 29 
Mexican sour gherkins, a.k.a. Mouse Melon, a.k.a. Cucamelon. Good example of fun crop for kids. ‪#groundchat
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Tweet 8

Harder Services Inc. ‏‪@HarderServices May 29‪@NoGuffSteve‪ see their end result get’s them giddy:did lil planters for them this year w/ popsicle sticks 2 label what they had #groundchat
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Tweet 9

Jeavonna ‏‪@jchapstk May 29 
Once I came to grips with my spider and snake fears, I’m good. I had to. Kids will inherit your fears if you are not careful. ‪#groundchat
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Tweet 10

Laurel Hounslow ‏‪@LaurelHounslow May 29‪@NoGuffSteve‪ Plant and harvest, walking, bird spotting, treasure hunting, biking, hiking, playgrounds, digging in soil/sandboxes #groundchat
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Cristina is a garden writer and instructor who specializes in the importance of soil in gardening. Cristina has been instructing adults for over 30 years. Cristina also writes Soil Groundwork blog and ran a #groundchat (2012 - 2019), a tweet chat on different soil-related topics. She is a longtime gardener (30+ years) with two degrees in horticulture. Her Masters covered aspects of soil and plant nutrition. Cristina has gardened in many types of soils. From sandy soil at 10 years old to clay soil garden in southern Ontario.

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  1. June 10, 2015

    I name my plants and talk to them, too, and I’m all grown up. 🙂 Great idea for a post. I don’t Twitter because dealing with my own random thoughts is a full time job. I can’t process everyone else’s, too. But I do love the idea of a crowd sourced post. I wish more kids gardened. A few teachers at my school looked into creating a garden, but we couldn’t guarantee it would be tended over the summer and the extra water wasn’t in the budget. 🙁

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